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Asylum: A Reconstruction

I’m a 3D artist on a small team that’s working to recreate a historically accurate 19th century Kirkbride Plan insane asylum (based on the Buffalo State Asylum in New York) as a real-time, navigable 3D environment. We’re creating this in Unreal Development Kit and hope to eventually further the project into an interactive game with […]

Week 3: Pre-Production and Testing

This week I’ve been gathering my references, inspiration, and working on some concept art. I’ve been continuing to nail down my design doc to outline my project. I also modeled an early prototype of the claw and started using it to test rigid body physics constraints in UDK. I’ve been spending quite a bit of […]

Week 2: Ideation and Planning

Hi everyone! I’m a junior in the 3D Digital Graphics program at Rochester Institute of Technology. Over the course of this spring semester, I’ll be independently designing my own game for my Project Planning and Production class. I’ve been dwelling on the concept for my project for a while. My idea is to create a […]